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IPOMEA - MOONFLOWER di Cosima Cannatella

Ecco a voi la recensione tradotta da una nostra collaboratrice in inglese.
☾ La storia è divisa in tre volumi: 

1. Ipomea Moonflower
2. Ipomoea Morning Glory
3. Ipomea Alba

Il secondo e il terzo sono ancora inediti.

We begin by introducing you to the two protagonists:
Lorenzo, a rich and beautiful man, Giulia, a taciturn and ambitious lawyer.

Their meeting happens entirely in a casual way. She’s in a bar with some friends and he asks a simple information and this is it!!! They look at each other and it’s love at first sight.

The story begins in Palermo, where she lives with her parents and is graduating in law and where he is on holiday for some days.

But both are native of Florence where they will begin their romance, among the beautiful Tuscan landscapes.

Their first kiss gave me a strong emotion!

I want to be clear on something:
IPOMEA is, yes a love story, but also a legend that will impend on the love of these two characters, and will serve them as background.
If I have to define this novel, I would surely position it in the Erotic category, but it's not just that! It’s not just the simple novel, with the sex tale that you usually read! Underneath, there is a hidden mystery, and the writer is good at leave enough suspense to show the reader only some parts of the true identity and the true meaning of the whole story .

The first novel is a lot on the romance between Lorenzo and Giulia as we understand that he had a troubled past and that, meeting her, has made him understand emotions and has him changed completely!

Lorenzo was the kind of guy that was surrounded by beautiful woman, which he used for his pleasure and then he threw them away. His flings were never serious. Himself defines them as “stories written with a pencil”, until he meets Giulia!

Their story and romance seems perfect.

Giulia goes living with her Nanny Adele, who’s like her second mother, because she raised her like her own child, and they don’t have secrets.

Lorenzo, who’s a lover of extreme sports, quits studying and opens his own gym with his associate Rebecca (who’s going to try to ruin their romance.).

Giulia, has recurrent nightmares, where she dreams about her being a child, but as we know she was happy… What is the writer telling us? What those nightmares, dreamed by a strong and problemless woman, mean?

And that Asian Woman on a SUV? Who is she? What is she hiding? Is she from Lorenzo’s past?

Giulia questions herself a lot, because inside she has that six sense, that this woman is going to influence a lot the story with her new twisted boyfriend…

These are a few questions that I had at the end of this first chapter of the sto
The ending will leave you with a cliff-hanger and breathless!

The last event discloses partly the identity of our masculine character but it leaves us with an open window that will introduce us to the second chapter of the story.

Who’s really Lorenzo Costa?

What will Cosima Cannatella tell us in the second chapter “Morning Glory”?

We hope to read as soon as possible the sequel to the this first masterpiece!

This book is a mix of emotions! Love, joy, sex, and also a little bit of tears…

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